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special made water cooling

Recently we delivered a special made water cooling unit for the cooling of a mobile army datacenter. This is an ECO-mode system with free cooling possibility for cold periods. Suitable for 15kW cooling power and ambient temperature of -32°C>Ta<45°C.

special made compact water cooling

We also delivered a special made compact water cooling unit for cooling of a datacommunications container with External DryCooler (ECO-mode). This unit will be built into a container with very limit space and has in total 2x37kW cooling power and is suitable for an ambient temperature of -40°C>Ta<50°C.

special 40′ container

We build a complete 40′ container for cooling of injection moulding machines. The installation includes a condensing unit, water tank and pumps. Wit a capacity of form cooling 250kW, 180kW free cooling and 180kW oil cooling. All pure water, no glycol with automatic drain function in case of frost.


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