sustainability as business model

DTE supplies and installs en energy efficient 728kW cooling installation for the production of high end DESSO carpet.

Christ Pullens, from technical service at the production location of DESSO in Waalwijk, explains why DTE was chosen as the supplier for the new cooling installation .

The existing cooling installation for cooling our carpet, before we wind it up, was already delivered by DTE in the year 2000. When the technical and economic end of this installation was reached, it was logical to invite DTE to participate in the tender process for a new cooling installation.

During all those years I have built a good relationship and had positive experiences with the professional people of DTE. A reliable and fast service, a high degree of technical knowledge in the internal and external organization and unburdening are for me characteristics of DTE organization.

With the knowledge of our production process and the installation location, DTE was able to offer a suitable solution within our budget. Also taking into account our aim for a responsible and sustainable way of production. DTE’s substantiated advice to make an extra investment in the Dry-Master system has turned from the start into significant energy savings.

The entire process of quotation, engineering, production, installation on location and commissioning went well and professionally, with a special compliment to the installation / commissioning team at our production location in Waalwijk, according to Christ.

DTE Installation characteristics:

  • 4 x Compressor cooling sets, each with 182 kW cooling capacity. Filled with the sustainable and safe refrigerant R513A (safety group A1**, GWP* = 631).
  • 2 x AL-CU V-shape high efficiency condensers with high efficiency frequency controlled fans and floating condenser pressure.
  • Aquamaster pump set with frequency controlled pumps (2 x 40m3/h @ 4 bar).
  • One Dry-Master free air cooling, with a cooling capacity of 406kW taking over the cooling load of the compressor units at an ambient temperature of ± 10°C, with an energy consumption of just 10 kW.

*GWP      = Global warming potential in kg CO2 equivalent.

**A1        = None flammable and none toxic gas.

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